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Nissan Leasing F1RST customer get Special offer

  • Get discount max

  • Down payment

  • Monthly installment max

    84 months
  • Free

    1st class insurance*
  • 0% down payment
  • No required guarantor
  • Pre-Approved loan

Terms and Conditions

  • Free 1st class insurance only for participating models and campaigns
  • The old customer who gets discount on interest rate subject to participating models and campaigns (earned minimum interest rate at 0%)
  • The eligibility for Nissan Leasing FIRST:
    • Being an old Nissan Leasing customer who punctually payment, never get overdue.
    • Received notification/confirmation via SMS or have a list from authentication with QR Code or the Company's website.
    • Submitted some documents to Nissan Leasing for initial credit consideration. This privilege are exclusivity which unable transferred to other persons.
  • The company reserves the right to determine qualifications and conditions, as well as consider credit under the company's rules
  • The company will deliver the gift to you after the contract has been completed.

* Submit a loan request from today onwards and to be contracted by November 30, 2021

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