Hire Purchase

Freedom of Down Payment choice with highest 84 months tenor

Own Nissan car with the right offer

Select Down Payment as you wish, comfortable with instalment fixed interest rate

Lowest Down Payment starts from 10%

Maximum 84 monthly payment

Fixed interest rate

Qualifications & Required Documents


  • Age 20-65 years as of the application date
  • Only for Juristic & Employee
  • Having monthly Income over monthly payment in double
  • Firmed career & Contactable

Required documents for credit approval process

Individual Customer

  • 3 Copies of House Registration
  • 3 Copies of ID. card
  • 1 original set of Income Statement or 1 set of Letter of Income (last 1 month)
  • Customer and guarantor’s address map

Juristic Customer

  • 3 Sets of Company Affidavit (full set) or The Certificate Value Added Tax Registration 20
  • 3 Copies of House Registration of authorized person
  • 3 Copies of ID card of authorized person
  • Income statement or Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • Customer and guarantor’s address map

Interest in our Special offer